PoDS – Powder Delivery System – has been designed for those bakers who need to move from a labour intensive batch preparation process to one that is fast and, more to the point, highly accurate. PoDS effectively increases production through automation and eliminates all those health and safety issues associated with manual tipping.

Once a recipe has been agreed – the weights of flour, yeast, salt and whatever other active ingredients that will determine the type of loaf that the baker wants – PoDS takes over. The idea of hand dosing valuable ingredients could be consigned to the history books because not only is PoDS incredibly accurate, it is infinitely repeatable until the baker needs to make changes to the recipe. And it isn’t just bulk ingredients that PoDS can handle, it is equally adept at handling minor ingredients and improvers.

PoDS isn’t just for huge bakeries working from multiple sites. Small to medium sized bakeries have exactly the same problems with regards to consistency. For small bakeries having to increase production, it is quite a commitment to take that step from a few pallets of flour and other ingredients per month to a few tonnes per month. PoDS makes that step a little easier.  PoDS is based on 1 tonne Big-Bag dischargers so for small bakeries, a ‘starter’ system consisting of a 1 tonne discharger and a sack-tip station can be completely automated and will significantly increase production. The point is that PoDS can be expanded as the production increase. So how does it work?

Every element of PoDS is linked through a pneumatic conveying system to a mixing vessel. At its heart is an easy to programme control unit. Simply enter the recipe required and PoDS does the rest. Accuracy is from 100grammes. PoDS is a modular system and all the component parts are assembled at our factory which means that installation times are greatly reduced compared to other systems with the result that disruption to your production is minimal.

PoDS isn’t just a system for the production of bread. Our customers throughout the UK and Europe have installed it to handle recipes for cakes and confectionery also.

Loss in Weight Batch Weighing Systems
Loss in Weight Batch Weighing Systems