Bulk Bag Dischargers

Bulk Bag Discharger – Apollo 

Ingredient Batching Systems Ltd have, from the ground up, designed a modular, easy to install bulk bag discharger. With a year of research and development, IBS have listened to the bulk powder handling industry and taken the best features from existing dischargers to create Apollo – at a price that cannot be ignored! The discharger can be configured to meet ATEX requirements, include bottom and or side massagers, feature an elongated lifting beam and fit in restricted hight environments.

The Apollo bulk bag discharger makes it possible to discharge bulk bags reliably into a closed production system. With very little generation of dust, it will improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The design uses food safe design standards that dramatically reduce dust collecting points, in turn reducing cleaning frequency - this being beneficial in any environment where dry powder is being handled. The frame has been rigorously tested developed with structural steelwork designers to reduce member sizes into manageable sections while still maintaining the same ridged support. Having such manageable sections means that Apollo can be easily erected and installed by just two engineers in 1 day!

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How it works

All the components that can make up an Apollo unit can be picked from a selection set, as provided in the Apollo catalogue. This will include various frame configurations, a chain hoist, options of bag hoppers, massagers, buffer hoppers or discharging screw – all depending on the user’s requirement. The entire unit can be configured to suit any needs without expenditure for design, significantly reducing its cost and delivery time. The modular design also unlocks the possibility to adapt the unit while in use to suit any change in production circumstances, an invaluable feature for growing production lines.

Why Bulk Bags?

Bulk powder material containers such as bulk bags are securely established for handling powders in a range of industries. They have many advantages over sacks when it comes to transporting and storing bulk materials.

Non-free-flowing bulk materials can also be reliably discharged using appropriate discharge aids such as massagers and vibratory motors.

    • Convenient lifting of bulk bags from pallets to the bulk bag discharger unit
    • Reliable discharge of bulk materials into closed production systems
    • Can be used with poof-flowing product with the option of massagers and vibratory motors.
    • Suitable for various sizes and types of bulk bags.
    • Easy to use.


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