FIBC Handling

A Big-Bag discharger with extras built-in

Without FIBC’s - or Big-Bags as they are more generally called - the processing industries would doubtless have some alternative type of storage facility to handle minor ingredients. The question is, would that alternative be as effective and as easy to manage as Big-Bags? The answer is probably no because handling, filling and particularly discharging a Big-Bag is a really simple operation.

There are plenty of companies who manufacture discharging machinery but only one company that has taken the discharger to the next stage.

When Tim Stewardson at Ingredient Batching Systems designed PoDS - Powder Delivery System – a redesign of the traditional Big-Bag discharger was a necessary part of the project. The result is a two-part structure that consists of a base unit which is anchored to the factory floor and an upper unit which supports the Big-Bag. Between the two units are load cells which when linked to the factory PLC gives the discharger a loss-in-weight facility.

With the Big-Bag discharger now a loss-in-weight facility, there are a whole range of options that customers can specify that will make their process an easier one. For example, for smaller bakeries, a single, self-contained discharger can be used to meter highly accurate batches of flour with the option that when the bakery becomes larger, further units can be added.  For large production facilities, any number of dischargers, all metering highly accurate batches of different minor ingredients, can be linked by either pneumatic of mechanical conveying to a central mixing vessel and then on for further processing.

Loading the Big-Bags onto the discharger can either be by fork-lift or mechanical hoist and because the Ingredient Batching Systems discharger is fitted with a flo-choke mechanism part filled bags can be tied-off to be used at another time.

While the Ingredient Batching Systems take on the traditional Big-Bag discharger is an improvement on an existing theme, there is more. The system is completely modular which means that there are cost benefits and rapid delivery times. For more information please contact Tim Stewardson on 020 8571 3988 or email


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