Delfin Pneumatic Conveyers

Your solution to transferring of powders or granules from hopper loading to your production department


Handling powders, granules and solids within a production plant is often critical, since the movement can cause dispersion, leakage which increases the risk of contaminating to both the product and the environment. The related consequences are waste of product, production inefficiencies and high management costs.

The IBS-Delfin Pneumatic Conveyor System is hermetic, which allows you to overcome all of these problems. Moreover, it will allow you to increase your productivity and efficiency, at the same time as  avoiding any wastage of product and improving the environmental quality of your premises.

How it Works

The IBS-Delfin Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor Systems allows you to transfer dusty, granular, or solid material from your sack tip, big bag discharger or silo to your production plant, using a venturi vacuum pump, brushless motor, or side channel exhauster to provide the motive force.
These units can achieve conveying rates from 100kg – 4,000kgs/hour. IBS-Delfin Vacuum Conveyors overcome the obstacles of mechanical transportation systems, with the following key features:

  • Dust separation
  • Loading and unloading of industrial machineries or different types of containers
  • Distribution of powders at multiple points of discharge
  • Multiple withdrawal

These characteristics make the IBS-Delfin Pneumatic Conveyor System the optimal solution for many food, chemical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

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The Benefits

IBS-Delfin Pneumatic Conveying overcomes the obstacles of mechanical transportation systems, with the following key features:

  • Fully enclosed, removing the risk of environmental pollution (leakage) and product contamination. Some of our models even prevent de-mixing.
  • Increased flexibility with the ability to transport material in all directions with ease and cost efficiency.
  • Flexible piping ensures minimal space requirements.
  • Modularity allows ease of expansion at a later date.
  • Minimal components and wear, which drastically reducing the cost of your maintenance, down-time and spare part requirements. The exclusive use of uncontaminated compressed air contributes to the maintenance and maximises the efficiency.
  • Easy and fast installation and connectivity to other process machinery.

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