Case Study 6 - Flour & Bulk Bag Discharging

High speed batch weighing and vacuum conveying system controls four separate ingredients at varying quantities, for over 60 different recipes.

This system achieves 30 recipes an hour using the unique IBS Big Bag POD dischargers. At Ingredient Batching Systems we have designed, installed, and commissioned an FIBC big bag handling system comprising four “PODS”. This innovative system is exclusive to Ingredient Batching Systems.


Each “POD” is an individual big bag discharger and batch weighing assembly, delivering weighed quantities directly into the vacuum conveying line simultaneously from each “POD”. This is highly accurate and very rapid enabling total recipes to be assembled much quicker than other similar systems. Each big bag “POD” is provided with a “flo-choke” to tie off part-used bags, so that ingredients can be changed over quickly if required.

For this “POD” system, the four weighed ingredients are vacuum conveyed to a receiving vessel installed in the bakery. The total batch is discharged from the vessel through a centrifugal sieve-screen and easy-clean magnet, filling mobile dough bowls for use on existing spiral mixers. The receiver is mounted on its own stainless steel support frame, which is complete with an actuated raising and lowering, dough bowl seal plate assembly. The vacuum conveying air used to transfer the ingredients from the “PODS”, is also used to extract dust created when filling the dough bowls back into the receiving vessel, making this arrangement completely dust free, clean and efficient.

Project Lead Time

(Order to Commissioning)
16 weeks

Technical Elements


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