Mechanical Conveying

No Air? No Problem

Some applications are not suited to pneumatic conveying, therefore a fully mechanical system can be used. Mainly using screw feeders, bucket elevators or belt conveyors, they are usually less efficient than pneumatic conveying.

The image on the right shows a typical application where mechanical conveying was better suited due to limited space. Though we usually recommend using a pneumatic conveying system to clients we also have vast experience designing and installing fully mechanical systems.

GEM render 1


Mechanical Conveying 1

Tote Bin Systems

One of the more common uses of a mechanical system is a tote bin system, as seen in the image to the left and below. This system depicts food grade plastic tote bins, but they can also be supplied in stainless steel. Product is moved around this process, being filled from a sack tip, blended in a mixer, and then loaded into a bulk bag for storage or transportation.

Though this system looks to be more labour intense, it has shown to be a preferred method of production for our international clients.

Tote bins can be supplied with cone valves fitted to the outlet, this technology promotes mass flow, with the ability to discharge at trickle speed for high accuracy, connects easily to any discharge station, and required no manual intervention.

Mechanical Conveying 2

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