Case Study 4 - Mineral

Calcium Carbonate Pneumatic Conveying System

Lean Phase Blowing System, 25,000kgs/hour, Reduction in Wear, Rotary Valve Venting, Pneumatic Conveying System Design, Problem Solving for Pneumatic Conveying.

  • Client Requirements

The client had an existing pneumatic conveying system that was blowing calcium carbonate from the outlet of a screw conveyor and rotary valve to an existing bulk storage silo. The system was required to run at 25,000kgs/hour but could only achieve up to 15,000kgs/hour before the conveying line would block.

The system also suffered with pressurised dust and air leaking back through the rotary valve, resulting in the entire area being covered with dust that would leak from a vent on the top of the screw conveyor, that would blow off due to the pressurised leakage air.

To compound the problem, the pressurised leakage air was badly wearing the rotary valve that had to be replaced with a new valve four times a year.

  • Ingredient Batching Systems Solution
    • Ingredient Batching Systems were commissioned to survey the existing arrangement and provide a solution to correct the issues being suffered.Using in-house software to calculate the design requirement of the pneumatic conveying system at 25,000kgs/hour, we were able to demonstrate to the client that the original design was flawed and had to be replaced.
      • The entire pipe route from the rotary valve to the silo with a larger diameter pipe was replaced. This had been calculated, with a new blower installed for the increased duty of the pneumatic conveying system.
      • The rotary valve was replaced for a new valve. Same size, but the inlet of the valve was fitted with a radial vent box to allow the leakage air returning through the rotary valve to vent away from the product stream into the valve.
      • The vented and pressurised leakage air was connected to a dust extraction to remove and collect the dust.
      • Additionally, below the rotary valve a new entry junction was installed which was, a bespoke design to lead the calcium carbonate into the conveying line and reduce the turbulence created by the original design.
Mineral 1
MIneral 2
  • Ingredient Batching Systems Scope of Supply

The follow scope of works was undertaken by Ingredient Batching Systems:

    • Feasibility
    • Design
    • Controls
    • Manufacture
    • Installation
    • Supply


  • Client Benefits
    • Complete removal of dust emanating from the screw conveyor using the new radial designed vent box. The area remained clean and dust free.
    • Reduction in turbulence and pressure leaking from the valve through the installing of the correctly designed entry junction
    • Significant reduction of wear within the new valve, which has been in position since 2018 without any issues.

Project Lead Time

(Order to Commissioning)
16 weeks

Technical Elements


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