Big-Bag Unloading System

Powder Delivery System – PoDS

The Ingredient Batching Systems PoDS has been designed to handle the delivery of minor or functional ingredients.

Ingredient Batching Systems is renowned for systems that convey a powdered product – either by pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying - from silos or other storage facilities to the point of further processing. It doesn’t really matter if the required material throughput is hundreds of tonnes per hour or half a tonne per hour, the system needed to handle the powdered product is scaled up-or down accordingly. But what if a customer only wants to move very small amounts of ingredient per hour?

Some time ago, we designed a system for handling a range of minor, functional ingredients for a major UK based baker. This system is called the Powder Delivery System or PoDS for short. While PoDS are based on 1 tonne big-bag discharge units, silos and sack-tip stations can also be considered PoDS.

Each big-bag discharger, silo or sack-tip station – PoDS - is linked by a pneumatic conveying line to a mixing vessel. There is no limit to the number of PoDS in the conveying line and the entire system is incredibly accurate.

In addition to its accuracy, PoDS is a modular system. The design and engineering work has already been completed so delivery times are relatively short and prices are extremely competitive. 

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