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Smart Powder Addition System

Over the past few years, we have developed a fine reputation for a powder delivery system that we have called the Smart Powder Addition System. It works like this:

The Smart Powder Addition System was developed for the baking industries where the accurate inclusion of functional ingredients is vital to ensure a consistent, quality product. However, any industry that needs a high degree of accuracy would benefit from this innovative system. The system consists of a series of ‘pods’ and is based on 1 tonne FIBC’s although silo’s and sack-tip stations are often counted as pods. The Smart Powder Addition System can handle up to eight pods in total which gives an incredible level of flexibility. As well as accuracy, the Smart Powder Addition System is modular which means that it is pre-engineered and assembled to minimise installation times.

Dosing Units

Our Dosing Units are used extensively to deliver a measured amount of lime into chimney stacks to combat the harmful effects of Carbon Monoxide. However, dosing units can also be used to deliver a range of different products such as:

China Clay, Oats, Seeds, Pellets, Starch, Soya Powder, Grains, Animal feed components, Plastics

Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying

There are a number of ways of conveying a powdered product pneumatically but vacuum lean phase is our preferred way. Apart from the energy saving advantages of conveying a product under a vacuum or negative pressure, there are other advantages also. If a split was to develop in the conveying line the product would stay in the line not blown about the factory which would be the case if the product was conveyed under positive pressure.

Mechanical Conveying

Where a large quantity of product needs to travel a considerable distance, mechanical conveying is the only economic option. The entire team at Ingredient Batching Systems has considerable experience of mechanical systems and we are happy to advise.

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