Bulk Storage

We see the provision of an effective bulk storage facility as being a vital component of any process system that we design. Whether it is the storage of raw ingredient prior to processing or as a completed product post processing; we have considerable experience.

FIBC Handling – Discharging and Filling

A bulk storage system is all about economies of scale; it is pointless and expensive to purchase a large quantity of ingredient which only comprises a small percentage of any batch. Here, the FIBC or Big-Bag is a really useful storage facility.

FIBC Discharging. We have the facilities to manufacture a range of different FIBC discharge systems including a version that also has a built-in sack tip station. Hoist mounting or fork lift mounting versions are available - depending on ease of accessibility – in a variety of different materials such as painted or powder coated mild steel or stainless steel.

FIBC Filling. The FIBC is the ideal storage system for instances where a range of ingredients have been mixed but need to be stored prior to final processing or where moderate quantities of a refined product need to be stored prior to distribution to customers. Our FIBC filling systems provide dust-free filling of practically every powdered product.

Flexible Fabric Silos

Imagine a one tonne FIBC and then multiply that by a factor of fifty. That’s right, a fifty tonne internal flexible silo. Flexible silos are designed to be sited inside a factory and so have the advantage over a conventional external metal silo in that they don’t require planning approval. Also, a flexible silo can be easily manufactured to fit into a tight space which would otherwise only be suitable for storing smaller product quantities. Manufactured from an anti-static, high tenacity, woven polyester material, capacities range from 1 tonne up to 50 tonnes.

As each silo is made to order, load cells, level probe flanges, access doors, sight glasses and explosion relief panels can be fitted in the same way as a conventional silo.

However, where a flexible silo really scores is when it is installed in a space which could previously only be used for expensively supplied smaller deliveries. With a flexible silo installed, it is possible to accept bulk deliveries by road tanker which will be considerably cheaper. Filling a fabric silo is exactly the same as with a conventional metal silo using blowing systems, vacuum conveying, screw conveyor or bucket elevator.

Another benefit of the flexible silo is that it is installed on-site. The installation team simply bolts the steel outer frame together at the customer’s premises. The steel frame holds the silo in its correct shape. There is no need for expensive crane hire and no need to remove doors, walls or roof panels. Installation is fast and easy.

Mild steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Silos

Silos are an integral part of any process system and the size and the material used in its construction will depend entirely on the product being stored. Where a powder that will be used in a food product is to be stored high grade stainless steel or aluminium will be used in its construction. For non-food products it may be possible to use coated mild steel.

Most powdered materials are explosive. With this in mind, ATEX compliance is absolutely vital. All our silos are fitted with explosion panels and/or vents which allows any explosive force to exit in a controlled manner.

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