Powder Delivery System – PoDS

The Ingredient Batching Systems PoDS has been designed to handle the delivery of minor or functional ingredients.

Ingredient Batching Systems is renowned for systems that convey a powdered product – either by pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying - from silos or other storage facilities to the point of further processing. It doesn’t really matter if the required material throughput is hundreds of tonnes per hour or half a tonne per hour, the system needed to handle the powdered product is scaled up-or down accordingly. But what if a customer only wants to move very small amounts of ingredient per hour?

Some time ago, we designed a system for handling a range of minor, functional ingredients for a major UK based baker. This system is called the Powder Delivery System or PoDS for short. While PoDS are based on 1 tonne big-bag discharge units, silos and sack-tip stations can also be considered PoDS.

Each big-bag discharger, silo or sack-tip station – PoDS - is linked by a pneumatic conveying line to a mixing vessel. There is no limit to the number of PoDS in the conveying line and the entire system is incredibly accurate.

In addition to its accuracy, PoDS is a modular system. The design and engineering work has already been completed so delivery times are relatively short and prices are extremely competitive. 

Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveying

Every lean phase pneumatic conveying system that we build and supply is individually designed in house. The main reason for this is that every requirement from or customers is different and conveying rate requirements will differ depending on the material being conveyed. Therefore an individual approach is vital.

While we would always prefer to provide a complete powder handling system - effectively a turn-key project - this isn’t necessarily what our customers need. Quite often, a customer will need a production line to work more efficiently. This isn’t just a simple case of increasing the size of the air compressor and hoping for the best. It involves a very clear understanding of the customer’s needs and an equally clear understanding of the way that a powdered material flows when it is being conveyed. This is something that we are very good at and we have successfully modified many powder handling systems over the years.

Lean Phase Conveying

With pneumatic conveying, our preferred method is Lean Phase conveying where a product is conveyed within a vacuum or literally blown along a conveying line. The air speed, which is calculated on a metre per second basis and the diameter of the conveying pipe will determine the amount of product that can be conveyed per hour. Lean phase conveying is ideal for most conveying purposes from large scale bulk material handling through to the handling of small amounts of a minor ingredient. Lean phase conveying is also ideal for handling organic powders that may carry the risk of explosion. In this case, the entire system will be designed to the latest ATEX regulations.

Dense Phase Conveying

The other type of pneumatic conveying is Dense Phase Conveying. Dense phase conveying is the system that we use to handle fragile products such as breakfast cereals, some animal feeds and nuts. With dense phase conveying a slow moving ‘slug’ of product is gently pushed along the conveying line. As the slug moves along only the product that has contact with the inside of the conveying line will be damaged. Product that does not have contact will be delivered to the next part of the process in perfect condition.

Mechanical Conveying

We have vast experience with mechanical conveying systems with both full turn-key provision and with individual components. Where a very large quantity of material needs to be conveyed a long distance, mechanical conveying is the only economic option. A complete mechanical system will consist of mixers, vibratory tray feeders, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators and possibly a mechanical silo discharge unit.

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