Servicing and Spares

As well as providing the new system, we have the necessary expertise to take on the site maintenance. Also, servicing and problem-solving of a customer’s entire existing dry powder handling system and dust extraction installation falls within our expertise.

Many existing installations will lose efficiency over time for a variety of reasons such as modification with ill matching components, minimal maintenance or just simple wear and tear. All of these can have an impact on energy consumption. We can come to site and survey the existing equipment/system and provide you with a detailed document that will advise you on the following:

  • Original system duty
  • Potential increase in duty
  • Current legislation and upgrades required to meet ATEX/DSEAR, Health & Safety, COSHH
  • Maintenance plans and spares requirement
  • Improvements to enhance the system performance
  • Plant drawings and parts schedules
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams, Motor schedules and Instrument Schedule

This list can be carried out individually or a selected combination, you decide how we can help. The cost for this service is very reasonable and is something that we are happy to discuss.

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