Case Study 5 - Sugar Bulk Bag Discharge

Granulated and Caster Sugar Big Bag Unloading and Pneumatic Transfer system to Bulk Storage Silo and Packing Line

  • Client Requirements

Due to a potential material supply issue the client wanted to install a big bag discharger to unload 1,000kg bags of either granulated or caster sugar, that would convey product to an existing bulk storage silo or an existing packing line. The system was required to discharge six big bags an hour to keep up with the packing line requirements.

  • Ingredient Batching Systems Solution
    • The big bag discharger was installed onto a first-floor concrete mezzanine with height restrictions. The discharger was designed to fit within the height restriction but still provided the operators with sufficient room to load the big bags into position on the discharger hopper. The discharger was loaded using an electric chain hoist to lift, traverse the bag and then lower onto the discharger hopper, controlled using a handheld pendant. The discharger was fitted massagers at the base of the big bags to help the sugar to discharge, as sugar often becomes hard when sitting for a while.
    • Sugar Bulk Bag 2

Sugar Bulk Bag 1
Sugar System 4
Sugar System 3

Project Lead Time

(Order to Commissioning)
16 weeks

Technical Elements


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