Who are Ingredient Batching Systems?

We solve all ingredient delivery problems via powder handling, pneumatic conveying and product dosing. Our main focus is on providing customers with ready to use turnkey solutions along with modifying their existing process lines; enhancing the facilities productivity and reducing energy consumption.

Why choose Ingredient Batching Systems?

Focus is always on providing a solution that is right for the specific application that gives tangible benefits to our clients production processes. From working with Ingredient Batching Systems, you can expect value to be added to your process in a number of ways including:


The IBS fully autonomous systems negate human intervention, which is aligned with many issues from; contamination and inaccurate processes to HR and house-keeping costs.

Intolerance Batch Weight

Our unique in-house IBS Software ensures that ongoing human intervention is removed, there is no wasted product or inaccurate recipes.


IBS solutions are fully enclosed, clean and dust free.


IBS high speed pneumatic conveying systems ensure a clean, efficient and direct method of conveying.

Product Quality

Exclusive use of uncontaminated compressed air, along with IBS Vibratory Deck Sieves and Grid Magnets gently separates ingredient particles and removes any unwanted items for a clean and efficient process.


Ingredient Batching Systems are ATEX compliant, giving you piece of mind that your facilities and employees are operating within industry safety guidelines.


With the ability to transport product in all directions cost effectively, installation flexibility is maximised for our solutions to operate within your current facilities footprint.


40 years of expertise with in-house design, engineering and Manufacturing.


With IBS’s module designs and enter level systems, future upscaling flexibility is cost effectively maximised.

Minimal Maintenance

Few moving parts within the IBS system, drastically reduces down-time.

Nominal Inventory Stock

Few moving parts and wear, means inventory spares stock and investment is significantly reduced.


IBS’s high speed pneumatic conveying systems ensure a fast, clean, efficient and direct method of conveying. Furthermore, it is fully enclosed removing the risk of leakages and any dust generated is contained and recycled back into the process.

Seamless Installation

With our factory assembled module design solutions, a smooth and fast installation and connectivity to any other process machinery is guaranteed.

What industries do Ingredient Batching Systems serve?

With 40 years industry expertise we have successfully delivered solutions to wide range of industries, including; bakery and confectionary, cereal, dairy, animal feeds, pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral.

What capabilities do Ingredient Batching Systems have?

Providing turnkey solutions for clients is our core expertise. Understanding their requirements and taking the responsibility from concept to completion.

Our core capabilities are: Feasibility, Design, Engineering, Project Management, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Customer Support.