Olocco appoints Ingredient Batching Systems as UK & I distributors

High quality rotary valves and just eight-week delivery times

Ingredient Batching Systems, manufacturers of the Powder Delivery System, has been appointed the UK and Ireland distributor for Olocco rotary valves and diverters.

The rotary valve range consists of twenty different models and includes blow-through and drop-through types.  From the range, the VPS/sr is an easy-to-dismantle valve which is ideal for environments where frequent cleaning is a requirement. The VPR/se can cope with temperatures up to 220°C and the UPR is a heavy-duty valve that was developed for the chemical and plastics industries. The RS/ex and ExR valves are both shock-resistant and flameproof and conform to the latest ATEX Directives.

Olocco also manufactures a comprehensive range of diverters and, as with the rotary valve ranges, are available in all the regular sizes.

Tim Stewardson is the Managing Director of Ingredient Batching Systems: “After meeting the Olocco management team at a recent exhibition and discovering that their delivery times were within eight weeks, we started to discuss a UK and Ireland distributorship. We visited the factory in Italy and couldn’t help but be impressed with the quality of manufacture; these really are high quality valves. The company has the very latest machining systems hence the short delivery times.”

IBS launches their new dosing rig

The new dosing rig from Ingredient Batching Systems has all the benefits of the previous model but with the additional advantages that it has the latest electronics and is a modular design for faster delivery to a customer’s site.

The hardware is the key element. The early dosing rigs consisted of a mildly modified FIBC discharge chassis fitted with a blower and basic control unit. These were fine while standard doses were all that were required of it but once a customer wanted anything other than to deliver a standard dose it was back to the drawing board.

The latest version from Ingredient Batching Systems has the ability to vary the dosing levels and so provides all the flexibility that a customer is likely to need. Also, because it is of modular design and construction it can be supplied much more quickly that the earlier versions which were individually engineered. This new dosing rig is ideal for all powdered and pelleted products including hydrated lime, soya, gluten, starch, flour, improvers, salt and sugar

While the design is modular, customers still have the option to specify from a list of different components and static or mobile systems. Also, for those customers who don’t need to run the dosing rig on a permanent basis, Ingredient Batching Systems can offer short and medium term rental agreements.

Sales:    020 8571 3988